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Deadly MC is a UK South West based musician. He first entered the dance scene in 1998 where he began working the rave circuit as an MC. Deadly thrived for many years and supported top DJs in some of the most legendary venues the rave scene has to offer predominantly in the Bristol area.


Deadly over the years has always had an interest in the rap scene and wanted to expand his talents and move away from the rave circuit to develop his own brand as a rap artist. Deadly is now tipped to be one of the areas most up and coming rap artists and is releasing and producing new music singles with videos every 3 months. 

In such a short space of time Deadly has achieved and exceeded all his original goals. He now has produced a variety of music videos that feature across many platforms and has a world wide following that is growing by the hour. This is just the start of his success, the best is yet to come! 

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